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18世紀英国の風刺作品に描かれた日本 復刻集成 全5巻
Japan in Eighteenth-Century English Satirical Writings
編集・解説 島田孝右 (専修大学教授)

ISBN 4-86166-034-3

●本文献集について●   島田孝右



Vol.1: [c390pp]
Psalmanazar, George
A Historical and Geographical Description of Formosa, ... giving an account of the religion, customs, manners, &c. of the inhabitants. Together with a relation of what happen’d to the author in his travels; particularly his conferences with the Jesuits, and others ... Also the history and reasons of his conversion to Christianity ... To which is prefix’d a preface in
vindication of himself from the reflections of a Jesuit lately come from China ... Illustrated with several cuts. London, 1704, 356pp.
Man Unmask’d: being a wonderful discovery lately made in the Island of Japan: written in the Japanese language by the Spirit of Contradiction, and translated into English ... by Sir Tristan Nerebegood, etc., London, 1706,

Jolyot de Crebillion, Claude Prosper
The Skimmer; or, the history of Tanzai and Neadarne. [From the French of C.
P. J. de C.], London, 1735, 415pp.

The Perseis; or, secret memoirs for a history of Persia. [Translated from the French.], London, 1745, 232pp.
Loon, Van, pseud
A fragment of the Japanese History: translated from the High Dutch of Mr Van Loon. With notes, London, 1749, 24pp

Swift, Jonathan
An account of the court and empire of Japan, 1765, 10pp
Smollett, Tobias George
The history and adventures of an atom, Dublin, 1769, 417pp

Vol.5: [c220pp]
Civan, King of Bungo. [By J. M. Le Prince de Beaumont.] Translated from the French. By a young lady of fashion, not more than twelve years old,
Tamworth, 1800, 220pp