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西洋の語った日本 全44巻近日完結!

西洋の語った日本 1850年代第2期 全4巻 
Japan in English 1850-59 Part 2

c. 1544pp
本体セット価格 \88,000(set)


『西洋の語った日本- Japan in English』がこの1850年代第2期をもっていよいよ完結いたします。幕末から明治へと、移り行く日本の姿を異文化の視点で記録した文献を多くの図版も含め再現したこのシリーズは、日本研究だけでなく、国際文化、比較文化研究、そして観光学などの資料として、すでに広く国内外の大学での研究・教育に活用されています。既刊書の一部はすでに残部の少なくなっているものもあります。どうぞお早めにご注文ください。

西洋の語った日本 1850年代第2期 全4巻
Japan in English 1850-59 Part 2
Watts, Talbot
Japan and the Japanese: from the most authentic and reliable sources; with
illustrations of their manners, costumes, religious ceremonies, &c, the
Japanese empire and the people, their costumes, customs and traditions,
religous celebrations, folklore &c.
New York: J.P. Neagle, 1852
c.185pp., plates
(JIE Vol. 41)
ISBN: 4-86166-040-8

Spalding, J. Willett
The Japan expedition, Japan and around the world : an account of three
visits to the Japanese Empire : with sketches of Madeira, St. Helena, Cape
of Good Hope, Mauritius, Ceylon, Singapore, China, and Loo-Choo
New York: Redfield, 1855
c.387pp., 8 plates : ill.
(JIE Vol. 42)
ISBN: 4-86166-041-6

Habersham, Alexander Wylly
My last cruise, or, Where we went and what we saw : being an account of
visits to the Malay and Loo-Choo Islands, the coasts of China, Formosa,
Japan, Kamtschatka, Siberia, and the mouth of the Amoor River
Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & co. , 1857
c.537pp. 30 plates : ill.
(JIE Vol. 43)
ISBN: 4-86166-042-4

Tronson, John M.
Personal narrative of a voyage to Japan, Kamtschatka, Siberia, Tartary, and
various parts of coast of China; in H. M. S. Barracouta. [1854-1856]
London: Smith, Elder & co., 1859
c.435pp. illus., 7 pl., 5 fold. maps
(JIE Vol. 44)
ISBN: 4-86166-043-2


Japan in English, 1850-59 Part 1
ISBN: 4-931444-84-9 全7巻 本体 セット価 \133,000-
●Charles MacFarlane
Japan: An Account, Geographical and Historical, from the Earliest Period at
Which the Islands Composing this Empire Were Known to Europeans, down to the
Present Time, and the Expedition Fitted Out in the United States (1852)
(JIE Vol. 1)
ISBN4-931444-85-7 c378pp \23,000-
●Bayard Taylor
A Visit to India, China, and Japan
First published 1855; this edition newly revised and edited by George
Frederick Pardon (1859/61?)
(JIE Vol. 2) 
ISBN4-931444-86-5 c310pp \21,000-
Japan Opened: Compiled Chiefly from the Narrative of the American Expedition
to Japan in the Years 1852-3-4 (First published 1858; this edition 2nd ed.
(JIE Vol. 3) 
ISBN4-931444-87-3 c310pp [分売分品切れ]
●Kinahan Cornwallis
Two Journeys to Japan, 1856-7, 2 vols (1859)
(JIE Vol. 4&5) 
ISBN4-931444-88-1 c648pp \40,000-
●(Captain) Sherard Osborn
A Cruise in Japanese Waters (1859)
(JIE Vol. 6) 
ISBN4-931444-89-X c216pp \19,000-
●Andrew Steinmetz
Japan and Her People (First published 1859; this edition 2nd ed., 1859)
(JIE Vol. 7) 
ISBN4-931444-90-3 c462pp \25,000-

Japan in English, 1860-69 Part 1
ISBN 4-931444-91-1 全7巻 本体 セット価 \147,000-
●Marquis de Moges
Recollections of Baron Gros's Embassy to China and Japan in 1857-58 (First
published 1860; this edition 2nd ed., 1861)
(JIE Vol. 8) 
ISBN4-931444-92-X c384pp \23,000-
●Christopher Pemberton Hodgson
A Residence at Nagasaki and Hakodate in 1859-60, with an Account of Japan
Generally; with a Series of Letters on Japan by His Wife (1861)
(JIE Vol. 9)
ISBN4-931444-93-8 c382pp \23,000-
●(Captain) Sherard Osborn
Japanese Fragments, with Facsimiles of Illustrations by Artists of Yedo
(JIE Vol. 10) 
ISBN4-931444-94-6 c164pp \19,000-
●(Bishop) George Smith
Ten Weeks in Japan (1861)
(JIE Vol. 11) 
ISBN4-931444-95-4 c492pp \25,000-
●Henry Arthur Tilley
Japan, the Amoor, and the Pacific; with Notices of Other Places Comprised in
a Voyage of Circumnavigation in the Imperial Russian Corvette "Rynda," in
1858-1860 (1861)
(JIE Vol. 12) 
ISBN4-931444-96-2 c434pp \23,000-
●Edward Barrington de Fonblanque
Niphon and Pe-che-li; or, Two Years in Japan and Northern China (First
published 1862; this edition 2nd ed., 1863)
(JIE Vol. 13) 
ISBN4-931444-97-0 c304pp \21,000-
●Richard Mounteney Jephson & Edward Pennell Elmhirst
Our Life in Japan, with Illustrations from Photographs by Lord Walter Kerr,
Signor Beato, and Native Japanese Drawings (1869)
(JIE Vol. 14) ISBN4-931444-98-9 c488pp [分売分品切れ]

Japan in English, 1870-79 Part 1
ISBN 4-901481-11-8 全3巻 本体セット価¥62,000
●Raphael Pumpelly
Across America and Asia: Notes of a Five Years Journey around the World and
of Residence in Arizona, Japan and China (1870)
(JIE Vol. 15) 
ISBN 4-901481-12-6  c500pp \24,000
●Charles H. Eden
Japan: Historical and Descriptive (1877)
(JIE Vol. 16) 
ISBN 4-901481-13-4 c378pp ¥22,000-
●Julia D. Carrothers
The Sunrise Kingdom, or Life and Scenes in Japan and Woman's Work for Woman
There (1879)
(JIE Vol. 17) 
ISBN 4-901481-14-2 c442pp \22,000-

Japan in Englishn, 1880-89, Part 1
ISBN: 4-901481-15-0 全4巻 本体セット価¥72,000- 
●William Gray Dixon
The Land of the Morning: An Account of Japan and Its People, Based on a Four
Years' Residence in That Country, Including Travels into the Remotest Parts
of the Interior (1882)
(JIE Vol. 18 & 19) 
ISBN: 4-901481-16-9 c720pp \39,000-
●Henry Faulds
Nine Years in Nipon, Sketches of Japanese Life and Manners (1885)
(JIE Vol. 20) 
ISBN: 4-901481-17-7 c310pp [分売分品切れ]
●Arthur Collins Maclay
A Budget of Letters from Japan: Reminiscences of Work and Travel in Japan
(JIE Vol. 21) 
ISBN: 4-901481-18-5 c450pp \22,000-

Japan in English, 1890-99, Part 1
ISBN: 4-901481-19-3 全3巻 本体セット価¥52,000-
●(Commander) Hastings Berkeley, ed.
Japanese Letters: Eastern Impressions of Western Men and Letters, as
Contained in the Correspondence of Tokiwara and Yashiri (1891)
(JIE Vol. 22) 
ISBN: 4-901481-20-7 c272pp \19,000-
●"A.M." (James Murdoch)
>From Australia and Japan (1892)
(JIE Vol. 23) 
ISBN: 4-901481-21-5 c316pp [分売分品切れ]
●Alice Mabel Bacon
A Japanese Interior (1893)
(JIE Vol. 24) 
ISBN: 4-901481-22-3 c300pp \19,000


Japan in English, 1860-69, Part 2
ISBN 4-901481-49-5 全4巻 本体セット価¥83,000 [残部僅少]
●James D. Johnston
China and Japan: Being a Narrative of the Cruise of the U.S. Steam-Frigate
Powhatan, in the Years 1857, '58, '59, and '60; Including an Account of the
Japanese Embassy to the United States (1860)
(JIE Vol. 25)
ISBN:4-901481-51-7 c.460pp \25,000
●S. B. Kemish
The Japanese Empire: Its Physical, Political, and Social Condition and
History ; with Details of the Late American and British Expeditions (1860)
(JIE Vol.26)
ISBN:4-901481-52-5 c.310pp \20,000
●Anna D'Almeida [D'Aguillar]
A Lady’s Visit to Manilla and Japan (1863)
(JIE Vol. 27)
ISBN:4-901481-53-3 c.314pp [分売分品切れ]
●Robert Fortune
Yedo and Peking: A Narrative of A Journey to the Capitals of Japan and
China, with Notices of the Natural Productions, Agriculture, Horticulture,
and Trade of Those Countries, and Other Things Met With by the Way (1863)
(JIE Vol. 28)
ISBN:4-901481-54-1 c.428pp \23,000

Japan in English, 1870-79, Part 2
ISBN: 4-86166-000-9 全4巻 本体セット\78,000
●Arthur Adams
Travels of a Naturalist in Japan and Manchuria (1870)
(JIE Vol. 29)
ISBN: 4-86166-001-71 c344pp \24,000
●Francis Ottiwell Adams
The History of Japan, from the earliest period to the present time
Vol. 1: 1853 to 1864, with a sketch of the earlier periods (1874-75)
Vol. 2: 1865 to 1871, completing the work
(JIE Vol. 30 & 31)
ISBN: 4-86166-002-5 2 vols c860pp \39,000
●Bonham Ward Bax
The Eastern Seas, Being a Narrative of the Voyage of HMS “Dwarf” in China,
Japan, and Formosa (1875)
(JIE Vol.32)
ISBN: 4-86166-003-3 c300pp \24,000

Japan in English,1880-89, Part 2
ISBN: 4-86166-004-1 全4巻 本体セット価\88,000
●Henry Craven Saint John
Notes and Sketches from the Wild Coasts of Nipon, with Chapters on Cruising
after Pirates in Chinese Waters (1880)
(JIE Vol. 33)
ISBN: 4-86166-005-X c416pp \24,000
●Edmund Gerald Holtham
Eight Years in Japan, 1873-1881: Work, Travel, and Recreation (1883)
(JIE Vol. 34)
ISBN: 4-86166-006-8 c370pp \24,000
●Charles Lanman
The Leading Men of Japan, with an Historical Summary of the Empire (1883)
(JIE 35)
ISBN:4-86166-007-6 c422pp \24,000
●Walter G. Dickson
Gleanings from Japan (1889)
(JIE Vol. 36)
ISBN: 4-86166-008-4 c410pp \24,000

Japan in English,1890-99, Part 2
ISBN: 4-86166-009-2 全4巻 本体セット\88,000
●Mary Jane Bickersteth
Japan as We Saw It (1893)
(JIE Vol. 37)
ISBN: 4-86166-010-6 c370pp \24,000
●Henry Spencer Palmer
Letters from the Land of the Rising Sun, Being a Selection from
Correspondence Contributed to “The Times” between the Years 1886 and 1892
(JIE Vol. 38)
ISBN: 4-86166-011-4 c328pp \24,000
●Henry Baker Tristram
Rambles in Japan: The Land of the Rising Sun (1895)
(JIE Vol. 39)
ISBN: 4-86166-012-2 c304pp \24,000
●James Stafford Ransome
Japan in Transition: A Comparative Study of the Progress, Policy and Methods
of the Japanese since Their War with China (1899)
(JIE Vol. 40)
ISBN: 4-86166-013-0 c360pp \24,000