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現代日本研究者精選論文集 第4回配本
Collected Writings of Modern Western Scholars on Japan Vol. 10-12 

全3巻揃 ¥62,500- (各巻分売可)
ISBN 4-901481-28-2



ISBN 4-901481-29-0

現代英国を代表する政治学者。1935年生まれ。オックスフォード大学で学んだ後オーストラリア国立大で日本の外交政策を専攻。1962-62年東大社会科学研究所に留学し博士号を得る。オーストラリア国立大を経て現在オックスフォード大学教授、および同大学ニッサン日本研究所所長。この間何度も来日し、日本の政策過程や比較政治研究で高い評価を得ている。主著にThe Japanese Socialist Party and Neutralism (邦訳「日本社会党と中立外交」」Japan: Divided Politics in a Growth Economy(邦訳「現代日本の政治変動」」, Dynamic and Immobilist Politics in Japan などがある。


Part I:Japanese Elections
1.Electing the Kyoto Governor, 1974
2.Shifting Alignments in Japanese Party Politics: The April 1974 Election for
Governor of Kyoto Prefecture, 1974
3.Japan - in Bogdanor and Butler, Democracy and Elections, 1983
4.Electoral Pressures for Change: The Effect of Political Reform, 2000
5.Japan's General Elections of June 2000: Revolution or Ripple, 2001

Part II:Japanese Political Parties and Political Activism
6.Positive Neutrality - The Foreign Policy of the Japanese Socialist Party,
7.The Japanese Communist Party in the Sino-Soviet Dispute - From Neutrality to

Alignment?, 1965
8.The Japanese Socialist Party under New Leadership, 1966
9.The Communist Party of Japan - Problems of Communism, 1967
10.Japan - Dissent, 1968
11.Political Parties in Postwar Japan, 1969
12.The Japanese Opposition: Political Irrelevance or Wave of the Future?, 1971
13.The Ultra-Right Wing in Japanese Politics, 1972
14.The Rights and Lefts in Japanese Politics, 1983
15.The Leader-Follower Relationship in Parties, 1987
16.Political Parties and Political Opposition, 1989
17.Politics, Power and Parties in Japan, 1990
18.Challenge and Response, or Challenge and Failure to Respond: The Nihon
Shakaito under Doi Takako, 1991
19.Japan's Opposition Parties and Prospects for Political Change, 1991
20.From JSP to SDPJ: The New Wave Society and the 'New' Nihon Shakaito, 1991
21 On Trying to Move Mountains: The Politcal Career of Doi Takako, 1994

Part III:The Japanese Political System and Political System Reform
22.Perceiving Japanese Politics, 1967
23.Japan a Post-Marxist Society?, 1968
24.Alternative Politics for Japan?, 1973-4
25.Is Japan Becoming Harder to Govern?, 1980
26.Understanding Japanese Politics, 1980
27.Japan's Political Crisis of 1980, 1981
28.The Present Situation in Japanese Domestic Politics, 1982
29.Japanese Politics: Modern Historical Developments, 1982
30.Japanese Politics: New Directions or the Story as Before?, 1983
31.The Occupation: Continuity or Change?, 1984
32.Tradition and Modernity in Japanese Politics, 1984
33.Japan as a Political Model, 1984
34.Dynamic and Immobilist Aspects of Japanese Politics, Parties, Politicians
and the Political System Conclusions, 1988
35.The Genie of Reform Cannot Be Put Back in the Bottle, 1993
36.Reforming Japanese Politics, 1994
37.Politics Japanese Style: Change or Continuity?, 1996
38.New Directions in Japanese Politics, 1996
39.The Need for Reform in Japanese Politics, Macmillan, 1997
40.Reforming Japanese Politics: Highways of Change or Road to Nowhere?, 1997
41.The Political System: Stability and Change, 1998
42.Deciphering Japanese Politics, 1998

Part IV:Political Factionalism
43.Faction and Ideology in Postwar Japanese Socialism, 1965
44.A Comparison of Political Factionalism in Japan and India, 1970
45.Factionalism in Japanese Political Parties, 1989

ISBN 4-901481-31-2

戦後のアメリカを代表する日本文学、文化研究者。プリンストン大学で学んだ後に、コロンビア大学で日本の文学・演劇に関する博士号取得。米国議会図書館アジア部長、ワシントン大学中国・日本学部長、神戸USIAアメリカ文化センター長、メリーランド大学学部長など歴任し、現在ピッツバーグ大学東アジア言語・文学部長。著書は米国で広く使われている日本文学のテキスト A Reader's Guide to Japanese Literatureをはじめ、Towards a Modern Japanese Theatre, Traditions in Modern Japanese Fiction;

an Introduction, Culture and Identity: Japanese Intellectuals during the
Interwar Years, ロシア文化と日本:明治・大正期の文化交流(共著)、訳書にMask
and Sward (山崎正和著「世阿弥」の英訳)など多数。

1.'Taema'. Translation and Commentary on a Noh Play Attributed to Zeami
2.What More do we Need to Know about the Noh?
3.Kata as Part of a Larger Design in Japanese Culture
4.The Background of Zeami's Treatises

5.A Lyrical Impulse in Modern Japanese Prints and Poetry
6.'Ishikawa Jozan' in Shisendo, Hall of the Poetry Immortals
7.Introduction to From the Country of Eight Islands: an Anthology of Japanese

8.Some Observations on Ogai's Work
9.Mori Ogai and Jean-Paul Sartre: Some Intersections of Biography, History and

10.The Metamorphosis of Disguise: Ibsen, Soseki and Ogai

11.Four Plays by Tanaka Chikao
12.Modernization or Westernization: The Movement for a Modern Theatre before
13.An Interview with Yamazaki Masakazu
14.Japanese Theatre in the World
15.Chekhov and the Beginnings of Modern Japanese Theatre
16.Shakespeare Meets the Buddha: Tsubouchi Shoyo, Osanai Kaoru and The Hermit
17.The Longest Voyage of All: Pericles in Japan
18.With a Nod to Checkhov: Strategies of Dream and Memory in the Dramas of
Shimizu Kunio

19.Aware on the Seine: Shimazaki Toson Reads Basho
20.The Tale of Genji as a Modern Novel
21.Japanese Literature: Four Polarities

22.Kurata Hyakuzo and the Origins of Love and Understanding
23.High Culture in the Showa Period
24.Iwanami Shigeo's Meiji Education: Encounters, Transmissions

25.Tokyo in Paris / Paris in Tokyo
26.Teiten and After, 1919-1935; Encountering Blank Spaces: A Decade of War,
1935-1945; Postwar Developments: Absorption and Amalgamation, 1945-1968; Some
Final Observations
27.Kinoshita Mokutaro as Critic: Putting Meiji Art in Perspective
28.Hegel in Tokyo: Ernest Fenellosa and His 1882 Lecture on the Truth of Art

ISBN 4-901481-30-4

イギリスの歴史研究家。1937年生まれ。オックスフォード大学で哲学博士号(東洋学)取得後、シェフィールド大学で教える。1984-85年京都大学人文研客員研究員。元イギリス日本学会会長。現在シェフィールド大学日本研究センター名誉上級講師。現代極東史、なかでも日英関係史や日本の外交史の専門家。専門とする歴史分野以外でも日本文化・メディア全般に関し積極的に研究発表を行っている。また、1994年に日英間で始まった日英交流史プロジェクト社会文化分野の英国側議長をつとめている。編・著書にSir Harry Parkes: British Representative in Japan, 1865-83, Europe Interprets Japan, Britain and Japan (邦訳「英国と日本」共編)、「日英交流史・社会文化」(共編)等多数。

Introduction : Japan, Japanese History and Japanese Studies, 1941-2000
Part I:Bakumatsu and Meiji: Anglo-Japanese Relations and Westerners in Japan
1.The Japanese Civil War (1868) - A British View, 1967
2.Review of I H Nish: The Anglo-Japanese Alliance, 1967
3.The British Role in the Meiji Restoration: A Re-interpretative Note, 1968
4.Introduction to Sir Ernest Satow: A Diplomat in Japan, 1968
5.Review of Grace Fox: Britain and Japan, 1858-83, 1970/71
6.Review of RHP Mason: Japan's First General Election, 1890, 1970
7.Illusions About El Dorado of Untapped Bullion - Japan and Britain
Supplement, 1975
8.E H House - Japan's American Advocate, 1980
9.Sir Harry Parkes and the Meiji Government, 1868-1883, 1990
10.Foreigners in Meiji Japan, 1993
11.Review of C L Yates: Saigo Takamori - The Man Behind the Myth, 1995
12.Review of A.Swale - The Political Thought of Mori Arinori: A Study of Meiji

Conservatism, 2003
13. The British Press and the Anglo-Japanese Alliance, 1902-1923, 2003

Part II:Japan in the Pacific War: Society, Culture, Bombing and the United
States Strategic Bombing Survey
14.The Great Tokyo Air Raid, 9-10 March, 1945, 1975
15.From Strategic Bombing of the Axis to Collecting Intelligence in Japan
(trans. of 'Taisujiku Senryaku Bakugeki Kara zai-Nichi joho katsudo), 1976
16.Evacuation of Schoolchildren in Wartime Japan, 1977
17.Taira: A provincial city in the Pacific War, 1978
18.Introduction to G.Daniels (ed) A Guide to the Reports of the United States
Strategic Bombing Survey, 1980
19.Review of A.Iriye: Power and Culture, 1981
20.Before Hiroshima: The Bombing of Japan, 1944, 1982
21.Review of Ben-Ami Shillony: Politics and Culture in Wartime Japan, 1982
22.Sociology and War: The United States Strategic Bombing Survey and Japanese
Morale, 1989
23.Japan at War, 1937-45, 1993
24.Japan-Domestic life, economy and War Effort; Defence forces and Civil
Defencce; Culture, 1995
25.Introduction to Korean Residents in Japan During the Second World War:
Official reports on rumours and public feeling - Immigrants and Minorities,

Part III:The Allied Occupation of Japan, 1945-52, Reform, International
Rivalries and British Policies
26.Britain and Peace with Japan: 1945 - translation of 'Igirisu to tai-Nichi
Wahei - 1945-nen' , 1985
27.Nationalist China in the Allied Council; Policies Towards Japan, Nov. 1976
28.The British Parliament and Occupied Japan, 1945-52, 1980
29.Britain's View of Postwar Japan, 1945-49, 1982
30.Social Reform in Postwar Japan; British Perspectives on Education and Land
Reform, 1982
31.The Allied Occupation of Japan, 1945-52, A Reassessment, 1982
32.Review of T.Nishi: Unconditional Democracy, 1982
33.New Zealand and the Occupation of Japan - The British Commonwealth and the
Occupation of Japan, 1983
34.The American Occupation of Japan, 1984
35.The British Cabinet and East Asia, 1945-50, 1984
36.The Reducation of Imperial Japan, 1985
37.From Benevolence to Enmity: Britain and Japanese Communism, 1945-50, 1985
38.Review of B.Entwistle, Japan's Decisive Decade, 1986
39.The International Agencies of the Occupation of Japan, 1986
40.The Social History of Occupied Japan: Some Sources and Problems, 1990
41.When Did the American Occupation of Japan Really End? Japanese-American
Relations, 1952-60, 1996

Part lV:Japanese History, Historiography and Historians
42.Major American Publications on Japanese History, 1970-75, and their Postwar

Setting, 1975
43.The Japanese Achievement - review of J.Livingston (ed) The Japan Reader,
44.Japanese Historiography, 1988
45.Rethinking Japan, 1937-45, 1990
46.Sir George Sansom (1883-1965), Historian and Diplomat, 1991
47.The Historiography of Postwar Japan: A Survey of Surveys, 1995
48.Review of W.G.Beasley, The Rise of Modern Japan, 1996
49.Review of Sheldon Garon, Moulding Japanese Minds, 1998
50.Review of A.Iriye - Japan and the Wider World: From the Mid-Nineteenth
Century to the Present, 1999

Part V:Postwar Japanese Foreign Relations and Euro-Japanese Relations
51.Foreign Relations - Japan, Miracle '70, 1970
52.Japan in the World, 1981
53.Japanese Foreign Policy and its Problems, 1982
54.The European Community and Japan, 1983
55.Foreword, and Japan in the Postwar World - Between Europe and the United
States, 1986
56.EC-Japan : Past, Present and Future, 1989

Part VI:Cinema, Sport and the Mass Media
57.The BBC and Japan, 1925-45, 2001
58.Japan and Indonesia, 1940-46, Film Evidence and Propaganda, 1979
59.Japanese Broadcasting in the Pacific War, 1979
60.Tradition and Modernity in Japanese Film Propaganda; Nippon Nyusu,
1940-1945, 1981
61.Japanese Domestic Radio and Cinema Propaganda, 1937-1945: An Overview, 1983
62.Japanese Sport, From Heian Kyo to Tokyo Olympiad, 1993
63.Japanese History as Film, Japanese Film as History, 2003

Part VII:Japanese Studies, Japanese Language Teaching and International
Academic Cooperation
64.Japanese Studies in Anglo-Japanese Cultural Relations, 1986
65.The Future of Japanese Studies in Britain, 1987
66.Japanese Studies in Britain, 1945-88, 1990
67.Japanese for Industry and Commerce (Jointly prepared with P.T.Harries for
DTI), 1989
68.European Association of Japanese Resource Specialists 2nd Annual
Conference, Berlin, 1992
69.The Teaching of History in Multicultural and Border Areas, 1999

第1回配本:Collected Writings of Modern Western Scholars on Japan Vol. 1-3 
ISBN 4-931444-27-X \62,500 (3 vols. set)
Vol. 1: Carmen Blacker (ISBN 4-931444-28-8)
Vol. 2: Hugh Cortazzi (ISBN 4-931444-29-6)
Vol. 3: Ben-Ami Shillony (ISBN 4-931444-30-X)

第2回配本:Collected Writings of Modern Western Scholars on Japan Vol. 4-6 
ISBN 4-931444-36-9 \62,500 (3 vols. set)
Vol. 4: P. G. O'Neill (ISBN 4-931444-37-7)
Vol. 5: W. G. Beasley (ISBN 4-931444-38-5)
Vol. 6: Ian Nish Pt. 1 (ISBN 4-931444-39-3)

第3回配本:Collected Writings of Modern Western Scholars on Japan Vol. 7-9 
ISBN 4-931444-61-X \62,500 (3 vols. set)
Vol. 7: Ian Nish Pt.2 (ISBN 4-931444-64-4)
Vol. 8: Ronald Dore (ISBN 4-931444-62-8)
Vol. 9: Richard Storry (ISBN 4-931444-63-6)
*各巻分売価格 ¥23,500