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The Collected Writings of Modern Western Scholars on Japan

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戦後の西洋を代表する日本研究者の学術論文、評論、書評などを、研究者毎に編集する画期的な個人論文集成シリーズが今秋より発刊されます。文献は学術誌、一般誌、学会報告書、各種論文集、新聞などから集められ、研究者自らがその選択に協力します。また各巻には著者自身による日本研究の概説が序文として書き加えられ、索引も付されます。 初回配本はカーメン・ブラッカー、ヒュー・コータッツィ、ベン・アミ・シロニーの三名の論文集です。今後3−5巻の発行を毎年予定し、合計約20名の日本研究者の論文集を数年間で完結する予定です。戦後の西洋での日本研究がここに集約されます。

第2回配本 全3巻 2000年6月刊行予定 ISBN4-931444-36-9 セット予価\62,500 (本体)
第4巻 P. G. オニール論文集
ISBN 4-931444-37-7 分売予価\23,500
第5巻 W. G. ビーズリー論文集
ISBN 4-931444-38-5 分売予価\23,500
第6巻 イアン・ニッシュ論文集
ISBN 4-931444-39-3 分売予価\23,500

Carmen Blacker -Collected Writings

ISBN4-931444-28-8 分売価格¥23,500(本体価)

日本の宗教、神話、民俗学、福沢諭吉研究の第一人者。ロンドン大学でアーサー・ウェイリーに師事後、ケンブリッジ、ハーバード、慶応大学で研究。ケンブリッジ大学日本史教授、上野学園大学教授等を歴任。日本のシャーマニズムを解き明かした「あずさ弓」(岩波書店刊:原著The Catapla Bow)は邦訳も版を重ねている名著。この他の主著にReligion in Japan (Campridge U.P.),The Japanese Enlightenment: a Study of the Writings of Fukuzawa Yukichi (Cambridge U.P.)などがある。


Pt. 1 Religion, Myth and Folklore
The Language of Birds
The Paradise at the Beginning of Time: an Intimation of the Enlightened State
Two Shinto Myths: the Golden Age and the Chosen People
The Snake Woman in Japanese Myth and Legend
The Angry Ghost in Japan
The Seer as Healer in Japan
Divination and Oracles in Japan
The Shinza or God-seat in the Dijosai: Throne, Bed or Incubation Couch?
The Divine Boy in Japanese Buddhism
Supernatural Abductions in Japanese Folklore
Symbolism of the Divine Guest in Shingon Ritual
The Goddess Emerges from her Cave: Fujita Himiko and the Dragon Palace Family
Forgotten Practices of the Past: Kaempfer's Strange Description of the Japanese Emperor
The Religious Traveller in the Edo Period
The Disguised Wandering Saint: an Example of the Stranger in Folklore
Initiation in the Shugendo: the Passage Through the Ten States of Existence

Pt . 2 Portraits and Recollections
Recollections of Baba Tatsui's Elementary Grammar
Intent of Courtesy: a Recollection of Arthur Waley
A Room with a Gourd: Recollection of Osaragi Jiro
Marie Stopes and Japan
Two Piggotts: Sir Francis Taylor Piggott and Major General F.S.G. Piggott
Minakata Kumakusu, 1867-1941: a Genius now Recognized
Yoshio Makino: 1869-1956
Lawrence Oliphant and Japan, 1858-1888
Chirstman Humphreys and Japan
Impressions of a Japanese University
Three Great Japanologists: Chamberlain, Aston, and Satow

Pt. 3 Book Review
Dr. Willis in Japan: British Medical Pioneer, 1862-1877
A Diplomat's Wife in Japan: Sketches at the Turn of the Century
Zen and the Ways
Dojo: Magic and Exorcism in Modern Japan
Edmund Blunden and Japan: the History of a Relationship
Shashin Gyoja Jitsugakaga no Shugendo
Unbeaten Tracks in Japan: This Grand Beyond: the Travels of Isabella Bird Bishop
Shinto: The Foundation of Japan
Yosei Jiten, Dictionary of Fairies
Selected Writings of Nichiren
Rethinking Sorrow: Revelatory Tales of Late Medieval Japan
Envoy for Christmas 1994

Hugh Cortazzi - Collected Writings

ISBN4-931444-29-6 分売価格¥23,500 (本体価)



Part 1: Autobiographical
Britain and Japan: A Personal View of Postwar Economic Relations
British Ambassador to Japan
The Lure of Japanese Culture

Part 2: Biographical
Sir Harry Parkes, 1828-1885
'The Pestilently Active Minister' DR WILLIS'S COMMENTS ON SIR HARRY PARKES
The Mingei Movement and Bernard Leach
Sir Rutherford Alcock, 1809-1897
Royal Visits to Japan in the Meiji Period
John Batchelor: Missionary and Friend of the Ainu
Sir Vere Redman: 1901-1975
T.W.Blakiston: 1832-1891
Ariyoshi Yoshiya, KBE(Hon), 1901-1982
Sir John Pilcher, GCMG, 1912-1990
Sir John Figgess, KBE,CMG, 1909-1997
R. H. Brunton

Part 3: Historical
Yokohama Frontier Town
The First British Legation in Japan, 1859-1874
The Nakasendo as Seen by Victorian Travellers
Hokkaido (Ezo): Some Impressions of British Visitors
Some Early British Connections with Satsuma
The Foreigner in Japan, Then and Now
British Influence in Japan Since the End of the Occupation, 1952-1984
Britain and Japan: A Personal View

Part 4: Kyoto
Kyoto at the Meiji Restoration and Onwards to the Present Day
The Culture of Kyoto: A Foreigner's Perspective
The Gardens of Kyoto

Part 5: Cultural Exchanges
Cultural Independence: From Pottery to Vocabulary
Britain and Japan: A Comparison between two Cultures
The Historic Roots of Japanese Corporate Culture
Japan as seen from Abroad

Part 6: Economy & Business
Statement to the House of Councillors' Budget Committee
'Bunka Masatsu' or Cultural Friction
Japanese International Industrial Strategy: Partnership or Dominance?

Part 7: Foreigh & Defence Policy
A Former British Ambassador Speaks Out
Japanese Foreign Policy: 'Nihon Gaiko ni Tsuite'
Some Thoughts on Security Issues facing Japan Towards the End of the Twentieth Century

Ben-Ami Shillony -Collected Writings

ISBN4-931444-30-X 分売価格¥23,500(本体価)

太平洋戦争、戦後の日本政治体制、天皇制など現代日本政治研究で世界を代表する一人。ヘブライ大学、国際基督教大学、プリンストン大学で研究。ヘブライ大学教授、同大学ハリー・S・トルーマン平和研究所所長を歴任。日本人論、日本社会評論でも著名。主著にPolitics and Culture in Wartime Japan (Clarendon Press), Revolt in Japan: The Young Officers and the Feb. 26,1936 Incident (Princeton U.P.),



My Encounter with Japan: An Autobiographical Introduction

Pt.1 Enigma and the Emperors
Divinity and Gender: The Riddle of the Japanese Emperors
Emperor and Religion in Twentieth-Century Japan
Book Review; Author: Kiyoko Takeda, The Dual Image of the Japanese Emperor
Book Review; Author: Daikichi Irokawa, The Age of Hirohito: In Search of Modern Japan
Book Review; Author: Mikiso Hne, Emperor Hirohito and His Chief Aide-de-Camp: The Honjo Diary

Pt.2 The Meiji Restoration: Between the West and China
'Restoration', 'Emperor', 'Diet', 'Prefecture', or: How Japanese Concepts were Mistranslated in
Western Languages
The Meiji Restoration: Japan's Attempt to Inherit China

Pt.3 The Doomed Rebellion
The February 26 Affair: Politics of a Military Insurrection
Prince Chichibu and the February 26 Rebellion
Myth and Reality in Japan of the 1930s

Pt.4 Institution and Dilemma in Wartime Japan
The Pacific War: Intellligence Failures and Counterproductive Secrecy
Wartime Japan: A Military Dictatorship
Constraints on Totalitarianism in Japan
Universities and Students in Wartime Japan
Friends or Foe: The Ambivalent Images of the US and China in Wartime Japan
Why Magic Did Not Work
Book Review; Author: Yoshitake Oka, konoe Fumimaro: A Political Biography
Book Review; Author: John W. Dower, War without Mercy: Race and Power in the Pacific War

Pt.5 Terror, Conflict and Diplomacy
Pattern of Violence: Political Terrorism in Prewar Japan
The Japanese Experience in Termination of Wars
Victors without Vanquished: A Japanese Model of Conflict Resolution
Book Review; Author: Ian Nish (ed.), Tanglo-Japanese Alienation,1919-1952
Book Review; Author: Roger Buckley, Occupation Diplomacy: Britain, the United States and Japan, 1945-52

Pt.6 Continuity and Innovation
The Princess of the Dragon Palace: A New Shinto Sect is Born
Management by Consensus: The Historical Background
The Political Tradition of Japan and its Impact on the Development of Japanese Democracy

Pt. 7 Japan, the Jews and Israel
The Jews and the Japanese
The Legend of the Japanese as the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel
The Jewish Role in the Russo-Japanese War
Japan's Support of Zionism after the First World War
Zionism Stirs Messianic Hopes in Japan
The Birth of Japanese Anti-Semitism
The Abstract Jewish Demon
The Flourishing Demon: Japan in the Role of the Jews?
The Japanese and the Jews: The Two Societies that Surprised the World
Japan and Israel: The Relationship that Withstood Pressures
The Jews and the Japanese: Cultural Traits and Common Values